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Measures against new coronavirus infections

The Printemps Hotel Group uses "stable sodium hypochlorite" products that are certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and are used in the medical field.

Weakly alkaline and highly sterilizing effect!

Weakly alkaline pH 8.3

  • Highly safe for the human body

  • Extremely high sterilization effect

  • A product that improves on the shortcomings of existing sodium hypochlorite


​The new coronavirus has protrusions called spikes on its surface, which are the second layer of lipid membranes. This spike is made of protein and can only be destroyed with "alcohol disinfectant" or "alkaline sodium hypochlorite" . When weakly acidic hypochlorite water is sterilized by air spray, this bilayer lipid membrane cannot be destroyed, so it is weakly alkaline and stable sodium hypochlorite for viruses with these two total lipid membranes. Can be said to be effective.

Instant sterilization

Wide range

To bacterial virus


Non-metal corrosive



No gas generation

Almost odorless

For humans and living things


Hazardous substances

No occurrence


Basic principles for infection control

  • Ventilation of facilities and guest rooms

  • Regular disinfection in the facility

  • Regularly disinfect areas that are touched by multiple people

  • Alcohol disinfectant is installed in the facility (rooms, break rooms, front desks, common areas, etc.) so that customers and employees can use it at any time.

  • Thorough hand washing and disinfection for employees

  • Employee uniforms and equipment are frequently washed and disinfected

  • Take infection control measures based on the possibility that there may be asymptomatic infected persons

  • Understanding and responding to the status of infection in neighboring areas and the presence or absence of close contact with employees

  • Continuous acquisition and dissemination of information on infectious diseases and improvement of response

  • Prevention of infection in places where many users may use at the same time, such as the lobby

  • For items that come into contact with your hands or mouth (cups, chopsticks, etc.), take special measures such as cleaning and disinfecting them appropriately or making them disposable.

Specific measures for each area


Lobby / front relations

  • Hand disinfection equipment installed at the entrance and lobby, and information posted

  • Thorough cleaning of touch panels and push buttons frequently


Meals [Kitchen / Pantry]

  • Thorough general hygiene management, such as cleaning kitchen equipment and utensils with kitchen detergent and washing hands before and after work

  • Cleaning and disinfection of parts that come into contact with the hands of transportation equipment

  • Thorough hand washing and hand disinfection after lower set work


[Room cleaning]

  • Cleaning and disinfecting doorknobs

  • Clean the surface with a disinfectant when cleaning the room (remote control for TV, air conditioning, bed panel, room lighting switch, table, sofa, refrigerator, telephone, menu book, touch panel, automatic checkout machine, toilet, etc.)

  • Replace cups, etc. with disinfected ones. Beverages in the refrigerator should be thoroughly disinfected before placement.

  • Sufficient ventilation and ventilation by opening the windows of the guest rooms


[Bathroom cleaning]

  • Cleaning and disinfecting equipment and fixtures in the bathroom

  • Ventilate during cleaning and replace air completely

  • Cleaning and disinfecting equipment and fixtures in the washbasin and undressing room, and cleaning and disinfecting the undressing basket


[Cleaning inside]

  • Doorknobs, stair railings, lobby counters, showcases, guest room selection panels, checkout machines, furniture in the facility, etc. are regularly sterilized with alcohol.

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