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We are always conscious of the cleanliness of the guest rooms.

In particular, the detergent used for cleaning uses an environmental disinfectant cleaning agent, which is a naturally derived ingredient that is gentle on the human body and at the same time cleans and disinfects. Is always sterilized, and we are trying to ensure that our customers can use it safely, safely and cleanly. In addition, we have prepared a disinfectant aroma fresher in all rooms to provide further space safety.


Spray with a diffuser while cleaning high quality fragrances

While cleaning the room, open the window to replace the air, and spray a high-quality fragrance prepared by Fermenich, the world's five largest fragrance makers, with a diffuser to create a foul odor in the fragrance oil. Contains the deodorant neutralizer "MOC" that counteracts the problem, and is effective against various types of stinks such as body odor, sweat, tobacco / mold, and odors around water.
After deodorizing, a good scent spreads and refreshes the scent of previous customers, and welcomes new customers with a pleasant and faint fragrance scent.


Sterilization aroma fresher installed in all guest rooms

Rooibos extract, persimmon tannin extract, and tea extract use plant-derived deodorant ingredients to create a comfortable and relaxing space while considering safety.



The maintenance staff is always on hand to perform maintenance by patrols the guest rooms for problems and damage.


Cleaning the air conditioner

We strive every day to provide guest rooms without any problems so that you can use them comfortably, such as by cleaning the air conditioner on a regular basis.

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