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Worcation use

Utilizing telework etc.
Why don't you work while enjoying your leisure time in a place different from your usual workplace such as a resort area?

Some hotels in Printemps Hotels support worcation.

With a long-term plan for free time or super free time, you can work firmly while relaxing slowly.

We provide the following services to support your work.


Wi-Fi is available in all rooms


Notebook PC
Tablet PC rental

* The number is limited.


Shared A4 color laser printer

* Up to 20 output sheets, and more will be charged.

* Some settings such as printer driver installation are required.

Worcation-friendly hotel


Hotel Villa Mule

Ogori area

The chic space, which is a fusion of retro and modern, makes the hotel stay stand out and impressive.


Hotel Concert Forest

Ogori area

The gentle space of French chic creates a relaxing time. It is also perfect for business and traveling alone.

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